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I’m happy to say that we had a smooth start to the 2017-2018 school year.  The students have settled in and are ready for a year filled with a lot of fun activities and learning experiences.  September is a busy month for us at Hilltop.  One of the big events for the month is our Hilltop Hike.  The kickoff for the hike is Sept 8th.  Students will have two weeks to gather pledges before participating in a hike around our local community.  The hike teaches students about the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle.  At the same time, students are raising money that funds our PTO activities.  Sponsoring the hike with pledges is a major way for our PTO to operate and support our school functions.  We hope that you make a pledge and join us on Sept 22nd as we set out on our hike.  


In addition to the Hilltop Hike, September is the month for our Camp Kern trip.  All of our 4th grade students spend a few days and nights at the YMCA’s Camp Kern.  The students get to engage in many cool activities and build lasting friendships during their time at camp.  We are happy to say that this year students will have an opportunity to ride horses as part of their camp experience.  The boys and girls always come home happy and exhausted after spending time in the freshness of the countryside.  Our 4th grade students have been going to Camp Kern for many years, which has become a part of our Hilltop tradition.  


As I already mentioned, our school PTO sponsors and supports many functions that benefit our boys and girls at Hilltop.  Volunteering for PTO events is a good way to meet other parents and build relationships with our teaching staff.  I encourage you to become a part of our PTO and become involved in our school community.  Feel free to contact me at 842-5266 if you would like more information about volunteering in our PTO.  


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