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We are excited to kickoff the 2018-2019 school year, but the kickoff comes with some sorrow, as this is Hilltop's final year as an elementary school.  Next year at this time we will be moving into our new home and will become Reading Elementary.  The walls of Hilltop will already have been knocked down with only a footprint left in its place.  The plans for the site upon which Hilltop sat since 1957 have not yet been established; but whatever is developed on this piece of land, fond memories of Hilltop school days will remain.  Generations of families have attended Hilltop, as the school has been woven into Reading's culture and community fabric.  Over the years, the school has seen thousands of children come through its doors and watched them grow and learn.  If the bricks and mortar of this building could talk, they would say how great it was to have been part of a strong and tight community, how beautiful it was to have been a school where children played sports on its fields and learned in its classrooms, how wonderful it was to have been a place where children's lives were shaped and molded and the love of learning encouraged.  In life, all things come and go, as with Hilltop Elementary, but in its wake there will be a trail of memories of youth and wonder that will live on with all of its former students. 

Stay tuned for snapshots of Hilltop's final school year.   


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