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Being our last year as Hilltop Elementary, we are retiring our Gold Medal program for recognizing students daily behavior.  This program was a part of our Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS), and it served its purpose well; however, with the creation of a new elementary school, we are developing a new system for recognizing and supporting students’ good behavior.  We have organized a team to research and work on this new system. Our preliminary work has five behaviors to reinforce on a daily basis: Responsibility, Respect, Safety, Problem-solving, and Effort. We are working on how we will reinforce these behaviors and how we will communicate students’ behavior to parents each day.  Once we have the new program completed, we will post it on our Reading Elementary website.


As a part of our new PBIS program, we will be teaching students the following five habits: optimism, perseverance, empathy, resilience, and flexibility.  These habits are essential for students to be successful and build positive relationships at school. We see the teaching of these behaviors as life-long habits that will serve students well and prepare them for adulthood.  More information about these traits can be found in the book, A Mindset for Learning, by Kristine Mraz.  


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