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We are excited as we begin preparing for our transition to the new Reading Elementary School.  A transition team, comprised of educators from both Hilltop and Central Elementary, has been formed to work on efforts that will combine two existing elementary schools into one.  It involves more than simply moving two staffs into one building; a lot of work has to be accomplished in terms of creating a cultural blueprint that encapsulates the values and core beliefs of two different staffs.  What will be the vision and mission of the new consolidated elementary school?  What will be the atmosphere of the new building as teachers and staff work together to educate Reading students?  What traditions from the previous elementary schools will be included in the new school and what new traditions will be started?  These are some of the tasks that our transition team will tackle as they meet over the next several months.  

The work has already started with a professional development meeting at Green Acres educational center.  Both Hilltop and Central Elementary staffs recently met at Green Acres to begin discussing the cultural blueprint for Reading Elementary.  There was much dialogue as groups of educators collaborated to develop professional beliefs and values that will be the foundation for the vision and mission statement for our new elementary.  The transition team will take this work a step further as they consider new ideas and approaches to be implemented in the new building.  The goal is to create an atomosphere and school climate that is positive and celebrates student successes.  Both Hilltop and Central Elementary schools bring experience, enthusiasm for learning, and excellence in teaching to the table when working on transitioning to a new school.  Of course we will have a new facility with the latest in technology, but it will be the staff who work in the classrooms that will make the new Reading Elementary School a great place to learn.    

Stay tuned as we work on transitioning to the K-12 campus in 2019.    


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