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Here is an update on our Transition Team's work: Through the efforts of Hilltop and Central's combined staffs, a list of core values has been developed- Teamwork and Collaboration, Mutual Care and Respect, and Student-Driven Excellence.  Our team will now dig deeper into what these values mean for our schools and community and develop workable value statements as to what these values look and sound like.  It's the team's goal to create value statements that drive what we do each day to help students be successful.  

Our Transition Team is researching philosophies and approaches that connect to and expand our core values; specifically, we are considering the adoption of ideas from the Responsive Classroom, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and A Mindset for Learning.  All of these approaches to education promote positive relationships among students, staff, parents, and community members.  The crux of these ideas is creating a school atmosphere that nurtures students' social-emotional skills, while at the same time, building a community in which students feel connected.  We feel confident that the outcome of our work will be blueprint for creating a team of educators who work together and respect each other to provide students all of the opportunities to be happy and successful.  

Watch for future updates as our Transition Team continues to work together to plan for Reading Elementary in 2019!  


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