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Health and Wellness

September 2017

Parents and Guardians:

The following grades have immunization requirements that are due NOW:

  • All preschool and kindergarten students must have their complete immunization record and a record of a physical exam performed by a physician within the past year.  
  • All 7th grade students must have documentation of the Tdap and Meningococcal immunizations.
  • All 12th grade students (including JVS students) must have documentation of the Meningococcal immunization.  If the student had the immunization before the age of 16, a second shot is required.  If the student had the immunization after the age of 16, only that one shot is required.
  • These immunizations are required by the state of Ohio (ORC 3313.67 and 3313.671). Any student who does not have the required documentation by Wednesday, September 13, 2017, will not be permitted to attend school until the proper documentation is received in the health office.

Please call Nurse Heidi Sandlin at (513)842-5215 with any questions. 

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