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Safety Changes Effective 2/28/18

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On February 27, Reading Superintendent, Chuck LaFata, and all building principals held a district safety meeting with our School Resource Officer, Allen Magly. As a result of this meeting, there are some immediate changes that are going to occur in order to improve the safety of our students and staff members.

In an effort to be proactive and continue to improve our communication, the district will be putting together a Student Safety Committee that will be led by Officer Magly. The purpose of this committee is to allow students more efficient reporting procedures that can go directly to Officer Magly and for students to provide suggestions on improving our school safety.

The Reading Police Department will have increased visibility at each of our schools. They will be conducting regular patrols around the school property each day.

Reading High School

  • We will have resources available for students to make sure they feel safe here at school. Students can meet and talk with counselor’s, administrators, nurse, teachers, and the School Resource Officer.
  • The Reading Police Department will have increased visibility around our campus.
  • When parents come to the High School to sign out their child please have proper identification.
  • We will continue to practice evacuation drills, lockdown drills, and armed intruder scenarios.
  • No student should open outside doors for anyone wanting to come in the building.  Anyone wanting to come in the building when the doors are locked must ring the bell and be “buzzed in” from the office.  This includes students letting other students in the building.

Reading Middle School

  • Effective Wednesday, February 28, the middle school is changing their security procedures for adults entering the building. All adult visitors, whether they are picking up a child, dropping off a child, or attending a meeting, will no longer enter through the middle school entrance on Halker Avenue during school hours. To make sure that our office staff are fully aware, and can visually see all visitors, we are requiring all middle school adult visitors to report to the 1301 Bonnell Street entrance. This is the high school and board office entrance that is located next to the preschool playground. 
    • Adult visitors will be “buzzed” into the building and then will report to the high school office. 
    • Once the purpose of the visit is determined there will be administrators, staff members, or student helpers available to escort adults to the middle school. 
    • If you are simply picking your child up for an appointment, the student will be notified and be sent to you in high school office.
    • We are also asking that all visitors carry their personal identification with them when visiting the building as they may be asked to show proof of identification when in the office or picking up a child.
  • The Reading Police Department will have increased visibility around our school campus. They will be conducting regular patrols around the school property each day.

  • The Reading School District will be adding increased door security and cameras to the entrances of the building. This will allow our staff to have better visibility and communication with visitors to the school.

  • The Reading Middle School Staff, local law enforcement and fire, and district leaders will continue to analyze and conduct regular safety drills to prepare staff and students in the event of an emergency. Staff will continue to engage in training to improve communication, planning, and preparation in the event of an emergency.

Central Elementary

  • All visitors need to come to the main office door; please have ID ready and be prepared to let Mrs. Mattingly or other office staff know why you are at the school while you wait outside. If you need to speak with a teacher, the principal, counselor, etc. we ask that you call or email ahead of time to set up an appointment. 
  • Students and staff will be reminded that no doors should be opened for outside visitors.
  • If there is a change as to who is picking up your child, please let us know that in writing a note or email ahead of time.
  • There will be an increase in police visibility and patrols.
  • We will continue to review and revisit our safety procedures and rules on a regular basis.

Hilltop Elementary

  • There will be an increase in police visibility. 
  • We will continue to enforce the procedures for all non-students entering the building.  All non-students must enter Hilltop through the lobby, where there is a camera to view all persons before allowing access to the building.  All non-students entering the lobby will be asked who they are and the purpose of entering the building. Identification will also be checked when necessary. 
  • All doors leading to the outside will be routinely monitored each day to ensure they are locked.  Doors will no longer be propped open during recess or other times of the day. 
  • Students will be reminded to not let any non-student enter the building if they are at one of the exterior doors. 
  • We will continue to carry out our intruder drills in an effort to ensure safety in the building.  

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