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Chuck LaFata
Chuck LaFata

Impact of Flood Days on School Calendar

As a result of the flooding, Reading Middle School and Reading High School had five days off of school the week of November 9. This week will not impact our school calendar and cause our students to lose the scheduled breaks or lengthen the school year. In Ohio, all school districts must meet a minimum number of academic hours. Reading School District’s academic calendar exceeds the number of hours required by the state so we are still on track to meet the state’s requirements without make-up days.

Reading's Central Elementary School Wins 2017 Momentum Award

The Ohio State Board of Education has recognized Reading's Central Elementary School as a 2017 Momentum Award winner based on the 2016-2017 Ohio School Report Card.

The Momentum Award recognizes schools for exceeding expectations in student growth for the year. Schools must earn straight A’s on all Value-Added measures on the report card.

“This award symbolizes the State Board’s commendation for the strong academic support you, your staff and your community have provided to students from every background and ability level,” wrote State Board of Education President, Tess Elshoff in a letter to Central Principal, Susan Fraley.

Thanks to our dedicated teachers and staff and supportive families for making this award possible! 


Chuck LaFata



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