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Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a traveler from Morocco that went on a hajj, or pilgrimage, to see Mecca during the 1300s. He continued beyond Mecca to India, China, and many of the southern Pacific Oceans.

In this story, the author uses many old-fashioned words for places in the world. He also references places that are important to the Muslim heritage and culture. Here are a few that will help you trace his journey on a map:

HIndu-Killing Mountains: the literal translation for the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan (because they were so difficult to cross)

Land of the Blacks: referred to most of modern Africa

Kaaba: a small buidling in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) which holds a black stone. It is a sacred place for Muslims.

Monsoons: powerful rains, often in India or Bangladesh

Ocean of Darkness: An Arab name for the Atlantic Ocean

Ocean of Ignorance: a name for the Pacific Ocean (also translated as Uncharted Ocean)

Persia: an old name for Iran

plague: the bubonic plalgue or Black Death, which traveled along the SIlk Road and killed millions of people.

steppes: great grassy plains of Central Asia

Water of Life: most likely refers to China's Grand Canal

Zanj: Zanzibar and East Africa

Here is the link to see / hear the story. You will need the Educreations App: http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/ibn-battuta/15724785/?s=XuJaJo&ref=link

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