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Contact Info:
email: jleone@readingscools.org
phone: 513-842-5214

All Classroom information will be available on My Google Site and/or Google Classroom.

Supply Lists

AP Government

            Binder (at least 1.5 inches)

            Blue OR black AND red ballpoint pens


            College-ruled notebook paper- preferred        

            3x5 white, lined note cards (6 packs of 100)

            Spiral notebook or Composition notebook (1)

            HIghlighters (at least 1- your choice on color, you may have more than one color)

            Earbuds for Chromebook (note: iPhone earbuds do NOT work with Chromebooks)

Accelerated World History/World History

             Binder (1-1.5 inches)

             Blue or Black Ballpoint Pen 

             Loose Leaf Paper (college ruled preferred)

             Colored Pencils

             Earbuds for Chromebook (note: iPhone earbuds do NOT work with Chromebooks)



             Blue or Black ink pen

             Loose Leaf Paper

             Earbuds for Chromebook (note: iPhone earbuds do NOT work with Chromebooks)

World & Cultural Geography


             Blue or Black Ink Pen

             Loose Leaf Paper

             Colored Pencils

             Earbuds for Chromebook (note: iPhone earbuds do NOT work with Chromebooks)


Blizzard Bag Assignments

 Day One:  Go to YouTube.com, search for a video related to the topic we covered in class the previous day or week.  Write down the information that was presented, if included news clips, primary sources, or all secondary source, if the video seems biased at all, and your overall opinion of the video.  You should watch a video or combination of videos that total 20 minutes in length for each day
*If you cannot access youtube, go to google video or yahoo video.
*If video cannot be accessed do a search for the topic and articles.  For example: Russian Revolution Articles.

Day Two:  Repeat Day One
Day Three:  Complete a News Assign.   We are increasingly relying on TV for our news, hence the weekly assignment.  Watch an interview show on either Fox NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.  Comedy Central is not a news channel so you cannot choose The Daily Show.  Morning shows like Today or Good Morning America are also not acceptable choices.  When in doubt, ask.  Most of these shows can also be watched online.  Examples:  Meet the Press,  Hardball, Mitchell Reports, The Last Word,  The O’Reilly Factor, Fox and Friends, Huckabee, In the Arena, Piers Morgan, etc.  On our return you will turn in a sheet with the following information: Title of Show, Date of Show, Topic of Show, Guests (name and title/affiliation), Tone of interview and discussion,  Any political perspective/bias that you can detect.  



My Google Site

All classes have a Remind for announcements, etc.  Students were given the information at the beginning of the semester.  If you need the information, please ask your student or send me an email.




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