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     My name is Jason Nagelhout and I am a graduate of Wright State University with a bachelors of science in Health and Physical Education K-12.  I have been teaching these subjects at Reading High School for the past six years.  Before becoming a Blue Devil I taught for two Years at Milford Jr. High School.  I am married to my beautiful wife, Rebecca Nagelhout, who teaches Language Arts at Reading Middle School. 

     Becoming a teacher is not a decision that one makes quickly.  Deciding to become an educator is more of a life choice than a career choice.  It is a decision that I made gradually throughout the course of my life.  Watching anyone make connections in their head is a great thing to take part in.  Be it a young student learning about nutrition, or a high school student learning about government, all learning brings joy to observers, but a much greater feeling of accomplishment to those directing the students.

      All teachers must have goals set for their students as well as themselves.  My main goals as an educator are to treat each and every student equally, to provide a variety of learning modes and activities that help my students strive for success, and to keep ahead of the news areas that will surface in education.  I feel that for any student to succeed they need to feel like a part of the class.  Once the students feel wanted, they will need a variety of modes and activities to keep them interested in the subject matter.

      Throughout my education I have drastically improved my ability to lead students in discussions, as well as my classroom management.  My main areas of strength are my confidence in front of the students, and my ability to build rapport with my students as well as with the other educators I have had the benefit of working with.  By building good rapport, I have been able to work on my weaknesses with suggestions from experienced teachers.

     The role of the teacher is, and always will be, changing.  Teaching methods have altered drastically, but a few principles remain the same.  I believe the classroom is an appropriate setting in which learning can take place.  The classroom must be structured to meet the individual needs of the students.  If certain students need more attention, space or other considerations, then the teacher must make the classroom meet those needs.

     Classroom management is another integral part of being an effective teacher.  I believe that the students must be responsible for their own actions, with choices given, and appropriate consequences clearly presented.  An effective teacher is one who uses methods that best suit that teacher’s classroom.  No single plan should be concrete.  I believe that the most effective classroom tool is to structure lessons and activities that provide a variety of learning methods so that the student will not find school to be tedious, but instead be motivated to succeed.

     As the student, certain expectations are necessary.  Mutual respect between the student and the teacher is essential for learning to take place.  The student must be responsible for his\her own actions, and be willing to put in the effort required to learn new skills and strategies.  The parents must also monitor the student’s progress in the class.  This means constant calls home for both good and inappropriate behavior.  The teacher also has the responsibility of keeping parents up to date as to the student’s progress in learning subject matter.??    

     The role of the teacher is a great one, and one that I have decided to take on.  The goal of education is to prepare our students to be successful, responsible leaders for our future.  In order to accomplish this goal it is necessary that all teachers be well versed in classroom management, proper lesson development, and most of all being able to relate to both the students and the parents.  Upon accomplishing these tasks, I will be able to help my students reach their desired goals.

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