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Shannon Stratton

Intervention Specialist

Phone: 842-8232

Email: sstratton@readingschools.org

Blizzard Bag Activities Ms Stratton's 6th Bell:

Snow day 1- 

-Watch this Learn Zillion video on probability.


I've shared a google docs notes page for you to fill in as your watch the video. Try the examples from the video. 

If you do not have internet at home I will give you a paper copy in class. 

Snow day 2- Complete the follwing questions on paper, or google doc. These questions will help you practice for your Fab 4 quiz. 

1. 84% of 90 = 

2. 265% of 20= 

3. 14 is 80% of what number?

4. 76 is 90% of what number?

5. Price- $49.00 Sale- 70% off. What is the sale price?

6. Price- $56.00 Tax- 6.7%. What is the price after tax?

7. Price- $87.00 Sale- 60% off Tax- 7%. What is the price after the sale, including the tax? 

8. Price- $92.00 Sale- 52% off Tax- 6.7%. What is the price after the sale, including the tax? 






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