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Proposed Amendments to the Credit Information Guidelines:

 Activity Category:

         Cooperating Teacher for a Student Teacher-   30 PDU per student teacher,

                        (Limit 2 student teachers per 5 year cycle- 60 PDU Max)

         Cooperating Teacher for a Practicum Student-

                        10 PDU per practicum student,

                        (Limit 3 practicum students per 5 year cycle- 30 PDU max)

 Effective, August 2011

 To be voted on by members of the LPDC on March 21, 2011

Topics of discussion with Entry Level Teachers in the Areas of License Maintenance and Teacher Evaluation  What are the requirements to renew a license?
  1. Six semester hours of course work or
  2. 180 PDUs

 The professional development activities you participate in must take place over the life of the license you are renewing.  The activities must be consistent with your school district or building goals or mission statement, and relate to your current work assignment as stated in your Individual Professional Development Plan.


Can you combine semester hours and PDUs?

Yes.  A semester hour equals 30 PDUs,

 a quarter hour equals 20 PDUs.

1 PDU equals 1 clock hour.

When must your Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)  be started/completed ?

 The time line for the completion of your IPDP activities is the duration of your license. 

When do I need to submit my new IPDP?

Plans will be submitted between September 1 and December 31 of the calendar year your new license begins.  If you get a new license in July your new IPDP is due before December 31.  The IPDP is good for 5 years.  The time frame covers the length of your license.


How often should you submit your activities for approval?  What is the process for verification of PDUs?

Form A’s are to be submitted to your building representative for prior approval of an activity, unless the activity is assigned by your administrator or you are taking a class for credit.

 Form B’s are submitted to the committee after you have completed the activity. 

 Form A’s are returned to you before you begin the activity.  Form Bs are signed by the chairperson and returned to you.  The original copy is placed in your file in the board office.  Verification of a workshop should include the certificate of attendance or syllabus of the meeting if no certificate is given.

Each staff member is responsible for maintaining his/her own record of approved PDUs.   Evidence of participation in P.D. must be submitted to LPDC within the calendar year of said participation. (Hint make copies of everything and keep in a notebook)


What are the educator’s individual responsibilities?

Each educator has the sole responsibility to:

  1.  Maintain a record of all course work and PDUs
  2. Send a copy of all pertinent documentation to the building LPDC member
  3. Know the dates for license renewal
  4. Notify in writing the LPDC committee of any changes in their IPDP(i.e. change in position or status)

For further information you may go to the state website: