Gifted Super Saturday Classes

Cincinnati area gifted classes are now forming - 
The Super Saturday Program is a quality enrichment program for intellectually gifted children in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Each session, children choose from various classes that allow them to stretch their abilities in new areas.  Just as important, gifted children come together with their peers each week.  Children can soar to their own heights and not feel out of place.  They make new friends who share their goals, ambitions, interests, and abilities.

All Super Saturday Program courses are designed for fun and involve hands-on learning.  Each session the offerings vary but always cover a wide variety of subjects.

Classes for children ages 4 to 14. 

Super Saturday | Cincinnati enrichment program

Above is the link for the Super Saturday program. The dates for the Winter term are:


Registration: 12/4/22 – 12/24/22

Late Registration: 12/25/22 – 12/31/22

Six Saturdays of Classes: 1/14/23 – 2/18/23


Teens aged 13 to 17 can earn 19 or 34 community service hours through the Teen Leader Program which includes training to aid in the classroom.

Other shorter service opportunities are available outside the classroom. Interested teens can find information and sign up at and on the community service platforms and


As always sign up early because classes fill up quickly.