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Report Bullying

Stay Safe, Speak Up  -  Student Safety Reporting

The link below takes you to an online reporting system (or call 1-866-listen2me). The system is for students and parents to report concerns that may affect the peace of mind of students or jeopardize the safety of people or school facilities. 

Concerns may include, but are not limited to, bullying, abuse, bomb threats, cyber crimes, discrimination, drugs, health concerns, suspicious behavior, vandalism, fighting, & weapons. HelpLine information helps us maintain school environments that are safe and conducive for learning.

Stay Safe, Speak Up Link

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Reading Schools use the Olweus Bullying Preventation Program (OBPP), a well-known bullying prevention program. With over 35 years of research and successful implementation all over the world, OBPP is a whole-school program that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying throughout a school setting.

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