Student earns Ohio State recognized Pre-Apprenticeship certificate

  Mary Horsley, a remarkable student at Reading High School, has recently achieved a significant milestone in her educational journey by completing her senior capstone project. What sets Mary apart is not only her academic excellence but also her unwavering dedication to assisting preschool teachers as an inclusive tutor. Mary's exceptional commitment to inclusive education has earned her the distinction of being the first student at Reading High School to receive an Ohio recognized Pre-apprenticeship in Education, a testament to her passion for edcuation and making a positive impact in the lives of young learners.

Mary's dedication and exceptional work have not gone unnoticed. Her achievements have been recognized by the state of Ohio, granting her the Ohio recognized Pre-apprenticeship in Education. In recent years, the state of Ohio has taken significant steps to promote career readiness and provide valuable opportunities for students to gain practical skills in various industries. One such initiative is the Ohio recognized Pre-Apprenticeship program, which has garnered attention and recognition for its role in preparing individuals for successful careers.

An Ohio recognized Pre-Apprenticeship is a specialized training program designed to equip individuals with the foundational skills and knowledge required for success in a specific trade or industry. It serves as a stepping stone towards a full apprenticeship, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field and preparing them for further skill development and career advancement.

Looking forward, Mary has set her sights on becoming a teacher's aide, eager to continue her journey in education and make a lasting difference in the lives of students. Her experience as an inclusive tutor has inspired her to pursue a career where she can continue to help create supportive learning environments for all students. With her passion, dedication, and invaluable Pre-apprenticeship in Education, Mary is well-equipped to excel in her chosen path and positively impact the lives of young learners.