Celebrating Excellence: Dave Ramsey - Reading Community Schools' Substitute of the Year

   Education is a collaborative effort that requires the dedication and passion of individuals who go above and beyond to create a positive impact on students' lives. Every year Reading Schools' substitute teacher provider selects one substitute to honor with their distinguished substitute of the year award.  Within the Reading Community Schools district, there is one substitute teacher who exemplifies these qualities and earned this designation this year. Dave Ramsey, with his unwavering commitment to his students and his willingness to go the extra mile, has truly made a lasting impression on the entire school community and was this years recipient of the award.  
  After having a difficult time trying to find a Health and PE teacher for this school year Mr. Ramsey stepped up to the plate to teach for the entirety of the school year.  Mr. Ramsey's dedication to his students has been evident in his work in the health classroom. He consistently goes above and beyond, researching topics and finding innovative ways to connect the health curriculum with real-life experiences. Recognizing the importance of creating a well-rounded educational experience, Mr. Ramsey goes the extra mile to bring in outside speakers who can offer unique perspectives and insights to his students. By doing so, he not only enriches their understanding of health but also inspires them to take an active interest in their well-being.
  In addition to his outstanding work in the classroom, Mr. Ramsey's positive attitude and willingness to lend a helping hand have made him a valued member of the school community. His infectious positivity creates an environment where students feel supported and motivated to succeed. He embraces challenges with a can-do spirit and is always ready to assist his colleagues whenever needed. Mr. Ramsey's selflessness and commitment to teamwork serve as an example to both students and staff, fostering a collaborative and encouraging atmosphere within the school.
  Beyond his exceptional work as a substitute teacher, Mr. Ramsey's dedication extends to extracurricular activities. He coaches three sports for the school district, showcasing his passion for fostering students' physical development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. This multi-faceted contribution to the school community highlights Mr. Ramsey's commitment to holistic education and his desire to help students grow both inside and outside the classroom.
  The Reading Community Schools district is proud to recognize Dave Ramsey as the Substitute of the Year, a title that truly reflects his remarkable dedication and hard work. His tireless efforts in the health classroom, positive influence, and willingness to assist others make him an invaluable asset to the school community. Through his commitment to education and holistic student development, Mr. Ramsey embodies the spirit of excellence and serves as an inspiration to both students and fellow educators. The impact he has made will continue to shape the lives of students for years to come, and his contributions will be remembered as a testament to the power of passionate and caring individuals within the education system.  His dedication has also helped him be named as a full time teacher for the 2023-2024 school year.  Reading is proud to have Dave Ramsey back for future students.