Friday Football Game




Reading Community City School District
810 E. Columbia Avenue, Reading, OH 45215

Joint Statement – City of Reading and Reading Community Schools


August 17, 2023

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,


We are clarifying any confusion related to the plans for adapting to the Port Authority construction around Veteran’s Memorial Stadium.  We are excited to have fans back at the stadium and want to reassure everyone that friends and fans will always be welcome to get together, enjoy each other's company, eat, and discuss athletic events or any topic in and around the stadium.  As School and City Officials, we do our best to ensure that all events are as safe and welcoming while abiding by the rules, regulations, policies, and laws that we must follow.  Our City Department and School Administration are committed to helping everyone, and we appreciate everyone helping us.   


As a result of the limited parking spaces available and to be compliant with City and OHSAA regulations, please be aware of the following items: 


Community Engagement in the Parking Lot:

We celebrate the spirit of camaraderie at football games. Gathering in the parking lot before kick-off is welcomed as an opportunity to connect with friends, neighbors, and fellow fans. While embracing this camaraderie, please be mindful not to occupy empty parking spaces, allowing everyone to find suitable parking.


Parking Courtesy for Vehicles:

To ensure fairness and accessibility for all attendees, we kindly request that vehicles adhere to one parking space per vehicle. This means that trailers, RVs, and oversized vehicles will regrettably not be allowed to park within the stadium premises. This measure is in place to optimize parking availability and ensure smooth traffic flow.


Access to an Additional Parking Lot:

To address parking needs, please note the availability of a small additional parking lot behind the pool accessible via Riesenberg.  This space aims to provide alternate parking options, reducing congestion and improving accessibility.


Limited Parking on Bemmes Field:

It's important to note that parking on Bemmes Field will be exclusively reserved for students and staff of the football team, cheerleaders, and band. This allocation will be implemented only if field conditions are conducive. We appreciate your understanding in adhering to this arrangement.  This measure is in place to open more parking spaces in the main lot allowing for more guest access. Our Marching Band will continue to have space for their full pregame warmup.

No Outside Beverages or Containers within the Stadium:

For the sake of adhering to OHSAA regulations, no outside beverages or containers will be allowed into the stadium.


Respect Alcohol Consumption Restrictions:

A friendly reminder that both City statute and OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol at the stadium. Your understanding and compliance with these rules foster a safe, family-oriented atmosphere for everyone in attendance.


We recognize this process's fluidity and assure you that we will continue to monitor the situation closely. Adjustments and improvements, if necessary, will be made throughout the season.


The City of Reading and Reading Community Schools are committed to creating an atmosphere that exemplifies unity and pride within our community. We thank you for your cooperation and support as we look forward to a memorable fall football season.


Thank you for your attention to these guidelines at Veterans Memorial Stadium as we celebrate the excitement of a new season.


Go Reading! Go Blue Devils!





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