Celebrating Excellence: Andy Janig Named 2023 State of Ohio Mock Trial Coach of the Year

Reading, Ohio – Andy Janig, a Social Studies Teacher at Reading Junior Senior High School, has been named the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Lori Urogdy-Eiler Award for Mock Trial Coaching Excellence. This remarkable achievement is a testament to his exceptional leadership, inspiring mentorship, and tireless efforts in nurturing young legal minds.

For an impressive 27 years, Andy Janig has been a guiding force in the world of mock trial, shaping the lives of countless students and instilling in them a deep passion for law and justice. His journey as a mock trial coach began decades ago, and since then, he has left a lasting mark on the Ohio Mock Trial program.

This prestigious award is a reflection of Mr. Janig’s unparalleled dedication to the Ohio Mock Trial program, especially through his work with the Reading Jr/Sr High School teams.  He has worked with students at RJSH from all grade levels and different backgrounds to create a successful program. The hours Mr. Janig puts in to make sure his students feel prepared and confident is impressive. He instills a work ethic in his students that will last a lifetime. His dedication has touched many lives, and his students are lucky to have had him as their leader.

The Lori Urogdy-Eiler Award is a testament to Andy Janig's ability to inspire and motivate teams to outstanding performance while modeling civility and accountability. It recognizes those who, like Mr. Janig, connect with their team members as individuals, helping them overcome obstacles to success and achieve their "personal best."

The award will be officially presented at a luncheon during OCLRE's Mock Trial Conference at the Supreme Court of Ohio in Columbus (65 S. Front St., Columbus, OH) on Monday, September 25. Andy Janig's remarkable journey as a mock trial coach has seen his teams reach the final four twice and the elite eight two times, including last year.

As we celebrate Andy Janig's well-deserved recognition as the 2023 State of Ohio Mock Trial Coach of the Year, we are reminded of the profound impact that educators like him have on shaping the future leaders of our nation. His commitment to excellence, dedication, and passion for teaching continues to inspire us all.