Ohio STEM Grant Award Winners Announced

We are thrilled to announce that several of our teachers have been awarded the Ohio Stem Learning Network Grant from Battelle! This achievement speaks volumes about the dedication and innovation of our educators.
Grant Recipients and Projects:
1. Sandy Ruschell: Awarded $5,000  
     With the use of these funds, Vernier Probeware will be integrated into the Reading Jr/Sr High 7-12 science curriculum. This technology will allow students to collect and analyze data, enhancing their understanding of scientific principles. This grant will provide our students with 21st-century equipment for experiments and explorations, from studying weather in 7th grade to modeling Newton's 2nd law of motion in physics. This early exposure to Vernier technology will better prepare them for STEM careers.
2. Corrie Crain: Awarded $2,500  
     The grant will fund the purchase of robots for 7th and 8th-grade math students to program and carry scale models of balloon floats for a Thanksgiving parade. Additionally, Algebra 1 students will construct catapults to apply their understanding of quadratic equations. This hands-on approach will make learning math more engaging and relatable, enhancing students' understanding of mathematical concepts through real-world applications.
3.  April Black and Jess Carpenter: Awarded $5,000  
    The Elementary STEM program will receive funding for STEM career education.  The grant will be used to purchase an Electronic and Robotics Classroom Makerspace, multiple career learning kits, STEM career books, and curriculum development materials.
We are incredibly proud of our teachers for securing these grants that will undoubtedly enrich our students' educational experiences. We can't wait to see these projects come to life and the positive impact they will have on our students.