Welcome Gavin Heatherly New Lead Maintenance

Gavin Moses Heatherly has taken on the role of the new lead of maintenance, bringing with him a strong connection to the local community.
Gavin becoming the lead of maintenance at Reading Schools is a testament to hard work and dedication.  Born and raised in Hamilton, Gavin was able to attend Fairfield High School.  Gavin's career journey has been marked by dedication and a commitment to excellence. He spent eleven years at Augusta Sportswear, gaining valuable experience before making the leap to his current field. Prior to his role at Reading Schools, Gavin was employed at P&G through Viox for three years, where he honed his skills in maintenance and facility management.
Gavin's journey with Reading began as a maintenance technician, where he thrived under the guidance of recently retired maintenance lead Jimmy Sanders. As a result of Jimmy's mentorship, Gavin is now well-versed in repairs and the intricate building management system required for success in his new role.
In his new position as the lead of maintenance, Gavin Heatherly is excited and takes great pride in the opportunity to serve the Reading community. He has a personal commitment to show up every day and make each day better than the last, ensuring the smooth operation of the school's facilities. Gavin has gained strong relationships with both students and staff, considering them a second family.
Outside of work, Gavin's life revolves around his two amazing children, Catherine Celine and Gavin Moses Jr. He embraces the importance of family and proudly supports Ohio sports teams, declaring his allegiance with spirited cheers for the Bengals, Bearcats, Reds, and Cavaliers.
In his spare time, Gavin indulges in his passion for the arts, writing poetry and music. Writing has been a lifelong pursuit, and live music remains an essential part of his soul. He and his girlfriend, Kayla, are avid concert-goers, sharing a love for the vibrant cultural scene in Ohio.
Finally, Gavin is a self-proclaimed cornhole professional, taking his skills seriously. His dedication to precision and technique in this popular backyard game is emblematic of his approach to all aspects of life.
Reading Community Schools is delighted to welcome Gavin Moses Heatherly as the new lead of maintenance. His journey from a local upbringing, through a career marked by dedication and hard work, reflects his commitment to the community he now serves. With a strong work ethic, a deep connection to family, and a passion for the arts and sports, Gavin embodies the spirit of Reading, Ohio. The school and its community can look forward to a bright future under his leadership.