Construction Class Receives Generous Donation From Stanley Black and Decker

In a gesture of support for education, Stanley Black and Decker, the largest tool company in the world, has donated a generous array of tools to Reading Community Schools. The donation, made possible with the assistance of Reading parent and Industrial Account Manager at Stanley Black and Decker, Matt Berry, is set to make a significant impact on the school's upcoming "Intro to Construction" class.
This remarkable donation began when Matt learned about the school's plans to establish an "Intro to Construction" class. Matt was not only inspired by the initiative and reached out to the school administration to see how he could contribute.
"I saw the announcement for the Intro to Construction class and felt compelled to reach out"  Matt Berry shared. Matt also serves as a board member with the Cincinnati Tool Bank, which the school utilizes for certain events.
Matt's willingness to extend a helping hand did not go unnoticed. Reading Community Schools welcomed his offer with open arms, recognizing the invaluable expertise and resources he could provide. This partnership soon led to the generous donation from Stanley Black and Decker.
The tools received by Reading Community Schools include essential equipment that will greatly benefit the "Intro to Construction" class, which is scheduled to start in the second semester. This class, along with the support from Stanley Black and Decker, aims to help students earn valuable credentials in the construction trades. The tools donated by Stanley Black and Decker, in addition to the donation from the Spirit of Construction grant, will play a pivotal role in providing students with the hands-on experience they need to succeed in the construction industry.
These high-quality tools will provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to learn practical skills and gain a deeper understanding of construction techniques.
Reading Schools is immensely grateful to Matt Berry and Stanley Black and Decker for their generous donation. The tools will play a pivotal role in the new class, enhancing the learning experience for our students and preparing them for future careers in the construction trades. It's wonderful to see parents and community partners coming together to support education in such a meaningful way.
The partnership between Reading Community Schools and Stanley Black and Decker exemplifies the positive impact that collaboration between parents, businesses, and schools can have on education. With these new tools in hand, students at Reading Schools are well-equipped to build a brighter future, one project at a time. The support from Stanley Black and Decker and the Spirit of Construction grant will undoubtedly open doors for students seeking careers in the construction industry.