November Blue Devil Hero Awards

Dr. Davis presented our November Blue Devil Hero Award winners their Reading apples on Friday, November 10th. The award honors individuals who consistently embody #TheBlueDevilWay and go above and beyond to support our students and the entire Reading Schools community.

Our November Blue Devil Hero Award winners are:

1. Gavin Heatherly - Reading Schools Lead Maintenance
2. Julie Rumpkee - Reading Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

These outstanding staff members have been nominated by their peers, who have shared heartfelt testimonials that underscore their exceptional dedication and contributions to our students. 
Here are a few words mentioned in their nominations: 
"Gavin is always quick to help, has a great attitude, and never complains. He has gone out of his way to help one of my students in particular, buying her a new water bottle because hers was leaking and checking to see if he has any of his daughter's clothes that my student could wear because of dropping sauce on her dress," 

"Julie Rumpkee is a veteran that everyone looks up to. Not only is she a phenomenal teacher, but she has also coordinated important programs for our students, including the school garden, reopening the library, and talent shows,"  "No one's opinion holds more water in the RES than Julie Rumpkee. She would drop anything or do anything for any student, staff, or family. Her seemingly endless dedication and love for the people around her make her a true Hero."

These testimonials exemplify why Gavin and Julie were selected as this month's Blue Devil Hero.  Their exceptional contributions, selflessness, dedication, and commitment to Reading Community Schools are remarkable and serve as a shining example for us all.

We invite you to extend our congratulations to Gavin Heatherly and Julie Rumpkee for their extraordinary achievements. Their unwavering commitment to our students and colleagues perfectly embodies the spirit of #TheBlueDevilWay.

Once again, congratulations to Gavin and Julie on this well-deserved honor. Your continued commitment to our students is deeply appreciated and serves as an inspiration to us all.