Reading Schools Takes Center Stage at State Conference

Reading Community Schools have demonstrated their commitment to education excellence and innovation at this year's Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) conference. 
Dr. Damon Davis and Mark Edwards took the stage at the OSBA conference to share Reading Schools' visionary approach to career readiness. Their presentation emphasized the importance of work-based learning activities and a diverse curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the real world. By offering a wide array of courses, Reading Schools ensures that students have the opportunity to explore various career paths and connect with opportunities beyond high school. This commitment to comprehensive education is a testament to the district's dedication to student success.
Another highlight of Reading Schools at the OSBA conference was the acknowledgment of the "Blue Devil Bakery." Led by the passionate leadership of Craig Taylor and Candy Colangelo, this student-run baking group has been a staple of the school community with their delicious creations. The group's mission is twofold: not only do they craft mouthwatering cookies that bring joy to students and staff alike, but they also provide invaluable hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership.  During the OSBA conference, the students of the "Blue Devil Bakery" had the honor of sharing their cookies and having them on display at the OSBA student achievement fair, a special recognition event held during the conference. This served as a testament to the hard work, and dedication of our students and the staff that lead them.