Bike Club 2024

In an innovative blend of education and physical activity, Reading Jr/Sr High School has launched a STEM Bike Club, spearheaded by Lindsay Welage and Mark Griffen. This club offers students a unique opportunity to dive into the principles of science and engineering while engaging in a hands-on project: building their own bicycles from scratch.

The initiative, which has quickly gained popularity among students, collaborates closely with the University of Cincinnati. The university provides essential materials and support, allowing students to explore the practical aspects of their STEM education in a dynamic and tangible way.

This past Saturday marked a significant milestone for the club as the students took their newly constructed bicycles for a spin around the University of Cincinnati campus. The event was not only a celebration of their hard work and success but also an educational excursion, further enriching their understanding of science in a real-world context.

The culmination of the event was particularly rewarding, as students were allowed to keep the bicycles they built. This gesture not only highlighted the practical benefits of their efforts but also served as a personal reminder of what can be achieved through dedication, collaboration, and the application of scientific knowledge.

The STEM Bike Club at Reading Jr/Sr High School exemplifies how educational institutions can innovate to make learning more engaging and relevant. By integrating STEM education with physical activity, the club not only promotes healthier lifestyles but also prepares students for future academic and professional pursuits in scientific fields.