May Blue Devil Hero Awards

This month, we celebrate Danielle Cripe and Morgan Davidson for their exceptional contributions and commitment to our students and staff.

Danielle Cripe: 
Danielle's dedication to her students extends far beyond the classroom as she tirelessly supports them in their academic journey and course recovery needs. Many students have the opportunity to graduate because of her efforts and dedication. As the chair of her department, Danielle provides invaluable leadership and contributions to our school's success. Additionally, Danielle's involvement with the Athletic Boosters demonstrates her commitment to the development of our students both in the classroom and out. She dedicates countless hours to supporting our athletic programs, whether it's working in concession stands, selling spirit wear, or organizing study tables and meals for the football team and cheerleaders. Danielle's contributions make her an incredibly valuable member of our staff, and we are grateful for her unwavering dedication and commitment to our school community.

Morgan Davidson:
Morgan's commitment to her students' academic and personal growth is exemplary. She consistently goes above and beyond to support her students, attending various school events and advocating for their best interests. As a teacher, Morgan demonstrates strong communication skills with students' families, her fellow teachers, and the entire math department. Her expertise in teaching and curriculum development is evident in her ability to assess her students' needs and provide tailored instruction to ensure their success. Morgan's leadership and collaboration within her team are commendable, and she is a true pleasure to work with each day. Her dedication to her students and her profession make her a deserving recipient of the Blue Devil Hero Award.

Please join us in extending congratulations to Danielle Cripe and Morgan Davidson for their outstanding achievements and contributions to our school community. Their commitment, dedication, and passion for education truly embody the spirit of #TheBlueDevilWay.