Alyssa Hamblin Named Substitute of the Year

Education is a journey that thrives on the commitment and innovation of those who guide it. This year, Reading Community Schools is thrilled to honor Alyssa Hamblin with our Substitute of the Year award, recognizing her exceptional contributions to our students and community. Starting as a 3rd-grade student teacher from Miami University, Alyssa quickly demonstrated her exceptional teaching skills and deep dedication to student success, working closely with Jess Blair, a 3rd-grade Language Arts teacher.

Alyssa's journey at Reading Schools then turned when she embraced the opportunity to become a long-term substitute for Mrs. Blair during her maternity leave. Displaying remarkable flexibility and dedication, Alyssa didn't stop there; she seamlessly transitioned into another critical role as a long-term 4th-grade Math teacher when the need arose. Her ability to adapt and excel in different educational settings showcases her genuine commitment to ensuring continuity and quality in our students' learning experiences.

Colleagues and students alike praise Alyssa for her kindness, teamwork, and unwavering support in the classroom. She is celebrated for her ability to create an inclusive and nurturing environment where every student feels valued and is set up for success. Alyssa's approach to teaching goes beyond the curriculum; she consistently seeks innovative ways to engage her students and enhance their learning experience. 

Alyssa's impact on Reading Community Schools extends beyond her teaching roles. Her positive attitude, collaborative spirit, and readiness to go above and beyond have made her an invaluable member of our school community. Her efforts have not only enriched the lives of her students but also inspired her colleagues to strive for excellence in their own teaching practices.

It is with great pride that we recognize Alyssa Hamblin as this year's Substitute of the Year. Her dedication, adaptability, and passion for teaching have left an indelible mark on our students and the broader school community. Alyssa embodies the spirit of commitment and excellence that we value at Reading Schools, and we are honored to have her continue to shape the futures of our students. Her journey with us demonstrates the #BluedevilWay.