Local Businesses Provide Opportunities for Reading Students

Gratitude for Reading Businesses

This summer's job coaching program with students from Reading High School was a remarkable success. A grant provided students with invaluable hands-on experience and practical work skills that will benefit them in their future careers. Over the course of the last five weeks , students engaged in various tasks and responsibilities at a variety of places in town, gaining insights into different professional environments and developing their competencies. The dedication and enthusiasm of the students were evident as they embraced the opportunity to learn and grow in a real-world setting.

A special thank you goes out to the local businesses that generously opened their doors and welcomed our students: Sugar Shack by the Tracks, Bitter Sweet, Reading Floral Boutique, and the Mayerson JCC. Your support and willingness to mentor these young individuals played a crucial role in the success of the program. By providing a nurturing and educational environment, you have significantly contributed to their personal and professional development. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and look forward to continuing this collaboration in the future.