Welcome to Mrs. Rumpke's and Mr. Meehan's 2nd grade Webpage!
  • Mr. Meehan and Mrs. Rumpke Team Teach in their classroom. There are 2 teachers to roughly 40 students. They have found this is an awesome way to reach and teach all learners at their level. There are so many benefits to the students having two passionate teachers!
Mrs. Rumpke is from Cincinnati.She received her bachelor of education form Xavier University and her Master's degree in reading education from Xavier as well. She has taught in the Reading School District for 15 years.  She has 2 children of her own and a dog named Winston.
Mr. Meehan is from a small town in Illinois. He received his bachelor degree in Theology from Xavier University, as well as a masters degree in Early Childhood Elementary. Mr. Meehan has taught in Reading Schools for 6 years. He has a sweet dog he loves named Lucy!
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