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About Us

Our Mission:
Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow with engaging opportunities today – The Blue Devil Way.

Our Vision:

Student Learning
Providing all students with engaging & innovative curriculum to excel as future
members of our global society.
• Develop a district Curriculum Improvement Committee to collaboratively analyze,
evaluate and make recommendations for district programming, assessment, and
professional development needs to support student learning.
• Assess and continuously improve upon academic, social, and emotional supports for
the whole child that provide the opportunity for success while at RCCSD and beyond.
• Implement a comprehensive College and Career readiness pathway to support
students in preparation for life beyond RCCSD.

Building a caring, diverse and inclusive community where every member feels safe,
valued, and supported.
• Establish a Culture and Climate Committee focusing on needs assessment and
defining the key elements of The Blue Devil Way.
• Analyze effectiveness and continue development of Positive Behavioral Interventions
and Supports (PBIS), with additional focus on building culturally sensitive and
inclusive practices throughout the district.
• Engage and collaborate with the City of Reading, businesses, local organizations, and
alumni to further develop school/community partnerships.

Providing effective and transparent communication within all aspects of our Blue
Devil community.
• Establish a district communication focus group to address, implement, and assess the
effectiveness of district communication tools and strategies.
• Develop a comprehensive district communication plan that will streamline the tools
and methods in which the district and buildings will provide information to families
and the community.
• Incorporate strategies to inform and educate all members of the Blue Devil
community on the key aspects of district education, operations, and fiscal

Fiscal Responsibility
Ensuring transparent and responsible use of district resources to provide the highest
quality education for our students.
• Develop and maintain a strategy for responsibly managing district operations
(technology, maintenance, etc.) and provide semi-annual reports of operational
• Systematically evaluate all aspects of the budgeting process semi-annually to ensure
accountability, transparency, sustainability, and responsible stewardship of district
• Implement financial strategies to maintain an ending cash balance of no less than 3
months of operating expense obligations.


Reading Community City Schools
Reading Community City School District serves nearly 1,700 students in a state-of-the-art campus in the City of Reading, a small residential community of 3.1 square miles centrally located north of downtown Cincinnati. Reading is home to approximately 10,385 residents who have a long history of valuing and supporting public education at the highest level. That expectation is reflected in the commitment of the school district to provide an excellent education for each student through rigorous academics, loyal staff, and a wide-range of enrichment opportunities. Reading Community City Schools values the whole child education where every child in Preschool through 12th grade has the chance to grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally.