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Dear Reading Parents and Friends of Reading Schools:

I cannot express how good it feels to see our staff and students back teaching and learning in our awesome new facility. We are so grateful because students in Reading deserve the best educational facility and now they have one. This time last year we were asking the Board to approve two calamity days because of flooding in the Reading Middle and High School building. When I see area schools closing because of the heat, I am grateful for a central air conditioning system that is creating a comfortable environment for our staff and students.


We are making history and starting a new era for Reading Schools. We had a great opening to school and there is an excitement in the air. We are adjusting to the new building and taking notes of what needs to be fixed or adjusted. Experts have shared that when you open a building of this size it takes a full year to monitor and complete these changes.


We are expecting our gymnasiums to open by October 1. I appreciate our physical education teachers and their creativity in keeping our students moving and engaged during their PE classes.


The district will be holding an official dedication ceremony this fall and plan on holding it during the school day and making students a key part of the celebration. We also plan on holding another community walkthrough during a weekend late this fall. When we have the dates set, we will be sharing these with our community.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this first week with drop off and pick up. Every day gets a little better and we will continue to adjust and make improvements. It's a great time to be a Blue Devil!


Chuck LaFata