Student Learning: Providing all students with engaging and innovative curriculum to excel as future members of our global society.


Reading Community Schools provides an approach to curriculum that is targeted, consistent, adaptable, and impowering:

  • Targeted: We believe in establishing targeted outcomes to our curriculum so that learning outcomes can be measured in meaningful ways. 
  • Consistent:  We believe in a collaborative team approach to building a strong course of study that allows for consistency of learning regardless of the students teacher by continuously developing and improving curriculum maps for each course. 
  • Adaptable: We believe in regularly revamping each courses curriculum so that each student is given the opportunity to experience up to date materials and the best teaching practices available. 
  • Empowering:  We believe that our curriculum should open up doors of opportunity to ALL students and empower them to create a meaningful future.
These four pillars of curriculum are at the heart of what we do so that we can see every student be successful.
Mark Edwards
Director of Curriculum and Communication
Reading Community Schools