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Rebecca Johnson

Welcome to Reading Community City Schools. My name is Rebecca Johnson and it is a privilege and honor to serve the Reading Community. As Director of Student Services, I oversee all aspects of Special Education, Section 504, Gifted Education, English Learners, Early Childhood, Homelessness, and Student Intervention/Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

The Department of Student Services staff members includes intervention specialists for students with a disability, gifted intervention specialists, school psychologists, therapists (speech pathologists, occupational therapist, and physical therapist), tutors of English Learners, and educational aides.

As a staff, we are committed to meeting the educational and social/emotional needs of our students. Parent communication and collaboration are critical to successfully educating our students and preparing them for their next steps.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via the email or phone number listed below.

Rebecca Johnson
Director of Student Services
810 E. Columbia Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone: 513-842-5105

Rhiana Hubbard
School Psychologist

Trey Savage
School Psychologist


Federal School Programs Hearing and Disability Child Find--Posted June 15, 2020
Due to the mandatory school closing and Governor Dewine’s restrictions regarding group
gatherings The Reading Community City Schools is available to provide information regarding
federal programs. Once restrictions are removed the District will hold a public hearing.
Title I-A (Improving Basic Programs),
Title II-A (Supporting Effective Instruction),
Title III (Language Instruction for English Learners),
Title IV-A (Student Support and Academic Enrichment),
IDEA-B (Special Education), and
IDEA Early Childhood Special Education.
Reading Community City Schools Encourages Input on Grant Funding
Reading Community City Schools receives support for special education through a Federal Entitlement Grant, Special Education-Part B, IDEA.  Contact the Director of Student Services at 842-5015 throughout the school year to provide input for the use of federal funds that support the education of students with disabilities.