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New Students Grades 1-12 Registration

Welcome to Reading Community City Schools! We are happy to welcome you and your family as part of our school community. This page includes important information, required forms, and links to register your student(s) in our district.


Complete the online forms through FinalForms to begin the enrollment process.
Click here for FinalForms.


Registration Procedures:
To register your student(s), please complete Final Forms and upload all required documents into Final Forms (emails will not be accepted). If you are unable to upload the documents, you may fax them to 513-483-6754.

Parents/guardians will need to provide the following documents:


Proof of residency (accepted documents listed below):

Parent/guardian(s) driver’s license or state ID

Copy of your child’s birth certificate

Also required are court custody papers and Individual Education Plan (IEP) papers for your child if applicable.


Acceptable Residency Documents:

  • Homeowner Deed: A printout from the auditor’s website listing parent(s)/guardian(s) as owners may be provided instead of a deed.
  • Current Rental/Lease Agreement signed by both the landlord and the tenant, including the landlord's contact information and Affidavit from the City of Reading**
  • Residency Affidavit - Parents/Guardians who are residing with a Reading residents must present a notarized Residency Affidavit form signed by the owner of the property and Affidavit from the City of Reading (this form is listed below) **

To obtain an Affidavit from the City of Reading, please visit City of Reading Tax Department at 1000 Market Street Reading, Reading, OH 45215. Phone number is 513-733-0300.


 **If you reside on Burkhart Street or Chaucer (45237), you must also provide a utility bill in your name. This is due to not being able to register with the City of Reading.


Please note that registration is not complete until all required documents have been uploaded and approved. You may contact registration at 513-842-5100 or email [email protected] to confirm all documents have been received and registration is complete.